Azure CLI for Azure Network

The Azure Command Line Interface (Azure CLI) is a set of commands used to create and manage Azure resources. The CLI is available across many Azure services including Azure Network giving you the ability to manage networking services from a command line.

References for Azure Network

The Azure Network CLI experience is composed of two parts: core and extension. Core Azure CLI commands ship as part of the CLI and are fully supported. An extension gives you access to experimental and pre-release commands, and must be installed prior to use. Example install scripts are provided in Installing extension references.

See az network for a complete list of Azure CLI core references for Azure Network. Follow the links below for extension references.

Virtual network

Subgroup Reference Use Is extension
Appliance az network virtual-appliance Manage Azure Network Virtual Appliance.
DNS az network private-dns Manage Private DNS domains in Azure.
Endpoint az network service-endpoint Manage policies related to service endpoints.
NAT az network nat Manage network address translation resources.
NIC az network nic Manage network interfaces.
Peering az peering Manage peering. yes
Profile az network profile Manage network profiles.
Route az network route-filter Manage route filters.
Route az network route-table Manage route tables.
VMware az network vmware Commands to manage Azure VMware Solutions. yes
vNet az network vnet Manage Azure Virtual Networks.
vNet az network vnet-tap Manage virtual network taps. yes
vNet az network vnet-gateway Use an Azure Virtual Network Gateway to establish secure, cross-premises connectivity.

WAN and On-premise connectivity

Subgroup Reference Use Is extension
Cross connection az network cross-connection Manage Azure Network resources. yes
ExpressRoute az network express-route Manage Azure IoT hubs.
vHub az network vhub Manage virtual hubs. yes
VPN az network vpn-connection Manage VPN connections.
VPN az network vpn-gateway Manage VPN gateways. yes
VPN az network vpn-site Manage VPN site configurations. yes
vRouter az network vrouter Manage the virtual router.
vWAN az network vwan Manage virtual WANs. yes

Load balancing and IP

Subgroup Reference Use Is extension
Application Gateway az network application-gateway Manage application-level routing and load balancing services.
Load balance az network lb Manage and configure load balancers.
IP az network ip-group Manage IpGroups. yes
IP az network public-ip Manage public IP addresses.
Front Door az network front-door Manage networking Front Door resources. yes
Local Gateway az network local-gateway Manage local gateways.
Traffic manager az network traffic-manager Manage the routing of incoming traffic.


Subgroup Reference Use Is extension
ASG az asg Manage application security groups.
Bastion az network bastion Manage Azure bastion host.
DDoS az network ddos-protection Manage DDoS Protection Plans.
Firewall az network firewall Manage and configure Azure Firewalls. yes
Firewall az network security-partner-provider Manage Azure security partner provider.
NSG az network nsg Manage Azure Network Security Groups.
Private endpoint az network private-endpoint Manage private endpoints.
Private endpoint az network private-endpoint-connection Manage private endpoint connections.
Private link az network private-link-resource Manage private link resources.
Private link az network private-link-service Manage private link services.


Subgroup Reference Use Is extension
Watcher az network watcher Manage the Azure Network Watcher.


Subgroup Reference Use Is extension
Service az network list-service-aliases List available service aliases in the region that can be used for Service Endpoint Policies.
Service az network list-service-tags List all service tags that belong to different resources.
Usage az network list-usages List the number of network resources in a region that are used against a subscription quota.

Installing extension references

Azure CLI extension references must be installed prior to use. The az extension add command installs an extension reference by name. Learn more about extension references in Use extensions with Azure CLI.

## get a list of available Azure CLI extensions
az extension list-available --output table

# install the extension for az network express-route-cross-connection
az extension add --name express-route-cross-connection

# install the extension for az network front-door
az extension add --name front-door

# install the extension for az network virtual-wan
az extension add --name virtual-wan

# install the extension for az network vm-repair
az extension add --name virtual-network-tap

# install the extension for az network vmware
az extension add --name vmware

# install the extension for az peering
az extension add --name peering

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