Permission.Read Permission.Read Permission.Read Property


Gets or sets the Read attribute for the parent object.

public Microsoft.AnalysisServices.ReadAccess Read { get; set; }
member this.Read : Microsoft.AnalysisServices.ReadAccess with get, set
Public Property Read As ReadAccess

Property Value

An enumeration value with the Read attributes. Values can be None or Allowed; default value is None.


Read attribute provides the ability to access schema rowsets and data content.

Read access on a database provides the ability to discover database. This permission is a prerequisite to read or write to any object in the database.

Read access on a cube permits access in schema rowsets and access to cube content (possibly constrained by CellPermissions and CubeDimension Permissions).

A Read permission on a dimension grants that permission on all attributes in the dimension (possibly constrained by CubeDimension).

Read on a MiningModelPermission grants permissions to see object in schema rowsets and to perform predict joins.

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