ProjectRootElement.TreatAsLocalPropertyLocation 속성


이 요소에 TreatAsLocalProperty 특성이 있을 경우 그 위치를 가져옵니다.Gets the location of the TreatAsLocalProperty attribute on this element, if any.

 property Microsoft::Build::Construction::ElementLocation ^ TreatAsLocalPropertyLocation { Microsoft::Build::Construction::ElementLocation ^ get(); };
public Microsoft.Build.Construction.ElementLocation TreatAsLocalPropertyLocation { get; }
member this.TreatAsLocalPropertyLocation : Microsoft.Build.Construction.ElementLocation
Public ReadOnly Property TreatAsLocalPropertyLocation As ElementLocation

속성 값

TreatAsLocalProperty 특성 위치 이거나 null , TreatAsLocalProperty 특성이 없는 경우입니다.The TreatAsLocalProperty attribute location, or null if there is no TreatAsLocalProperty attribute.

적용 대상