ProjectCollection.ProjectXmlChanged 이벤트


이 인스턴스에 포함된 ProjectRootElement가 변경되면 발생시킵니다.Raised when a ProjectRootElement contained by this instance is changed.

 event EventHandler<Microsoft::Build::Evaluation::ProjectXmlChangedEventArgs ^> ^ ProjectXmlChanged;
public event EventHandler<Microsoft.Build.Evaluation.ProjectXmlChangedEventArgs> ProjectXmlChanged;
member this.ProjectXmlChanged : EventHandler<Microsoft.Build.Evaluation.ProjectXmlChangedEventArgs> 
Public Event ProjectXmlChanged As EventHandler(Of ProjectXmlChangedEventArgs) 


전역 속성 변경은 또는 XML 더티 실제로 하지 하는 다른 모든 변경에 대 한이 이벤트가 발생 하지 않습니다.This event is NOT raised for changes to global properties, or any other change that doesn't actually dirty the XML.

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