NamespaceManager.GetNamespaceInfo Method


Gets information related to namespace

public Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.NamespaceInfo GetNamespaceInfo ();
member this.GetNamespaceInfo : unit -> Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.NamespaceInfo
Public Function GetNamespaceInfo () As NamespaceInfo



The NamespaceInfo of the namespace.


The operation times out. The timeout period is initialized through the NamespaceManagerSettings class. You may need to increase the value of the OperationTimeout property to avoid this exception if the timeout value is relatively low.

The NamespaceManager object does not have sufficient permission to perform this operation. You should check to ensure that your NamespaceManager has the correct TokenProvider credentials to perform this operation.

An internal error or unexpected exception occurs.

The server is overloaded with logical operations. You can consider any of the following actions:Wait and retry calling this function.


Works with either of Send / Listen / Manage claims.

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