CollectionSet CollectionSet CollectionSet Class


public sealed class CollectionSet : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.SfcInstance, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.IAlterable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ICreatable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.IDroppable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.ISfcAlterable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.ISfcCreatable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.ISfcDroppable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.ISfcRenamable
type CollectionSet = class
    inherit SfcInstance
    interface ISfcCreatable
    interface ICreatable
    interface ISfcDroppable
    interface IDroppable
    interface ISfcAlterable
    interface IAlterable
    interface ISfcRenamable
    interface ISfcDiscoverObject
Public NotInheritable Class CollectionSet
Inherits SfcInstance
Implements IAlterable, ICreatable, IDroppable, ISfcAlterable, ISfcCreatable, ISfcDroppable, ISfcRenamable


CollectionSet() CollectionSet() CollectionSet()

Default constructor used for deserialization and for the factory

CollectionSet must have a public parameterless constructor in order to use it as parameter 'TDcInstance' in the generic type or method 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DataCollectionUITasks.DcTaskFormComponent TDcInstance

CollectionSet(CollectorConfigStore, String) CollectionSet(CollectorConfigStore, String) CollectionSet(CollectorConfigStore, String)

Initialize an instance of a CollectionSet given a CollectorConfigStore object as a parent and a name

The parent config storeThe name of the collection set


AbstractIdentityKey AbstractIdentityKey AbstractIdentityKey Inherited from SfcInstance
CollectionItems CollectionItems CollectionItems

The collection items belonging to this collection set

CollectionMode CollectionMode CollectionMode

Collection mode for the collection set. CollectionSet.CollectionModes

DaysUntilExpiration DaysUntilExpiration DaysUntilExpiration

Defines how long the collected data should be kept in the repository

Description Description Description

Free text description of the collection set

Id Id Id

Id of the collection set in the config store

IdentityKey IdentityKey IdentityKey

Key property

IsRunning IsRunning IsRunning

True if the collection set is currently executing

IsSystem IsSystem IsSystem

True if the set is a system collection set

IsTransactionPerformance IsTransactionPerformance IsTransactionPerformance

True if the set is one of defined Transaction Performance collection sets

LoggingLevel LoggingLevel LoggingLevel

Logging level for the collection set.

Metadata Metadata Metadata Inherited from SfcInstance
Name Name Name

Collection set name

Parent Parent Parent

Parent object in the object model hierarchy; CollectorConfigStore

Properties Properties Properties Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyStorageProvider PropertyStorageProvider PropertyStorageProvider

This property returns the default implementation of SFC for ISfcPropertyStorageProvider interface, it can be overriden in the child classes to return another storage provider (i.e. flat properties list)

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
ProxyName ProxyName ProxyName

Name of the SQL Agent proxy account the collection set uses to connect to target and the Management Data Warehouse

ScheduleName ScheduleName ScheduleName

Name of the SQL Agent schedule for the collection set. Used to drive the collection set upload in "Cached" colleciton mode, and to drive the snampshot collection in "Snapshot" collection mode

State State State

Object state of collection set

TargetName TargetName TargetName

Name of the target from which the collection set is collecting data


A GUID uniqely identifying the collection set

Urn Urn Urn

Create a new Urn string on each request and return it.

(Inherited from SfcInstance)


Alter() Alter() Alter()

Alter the collection set on the config store. Only the schedule, the target, the proxy, and the description could be updated. Items can also be added dropped or altered

AlterImpl() AlterImpl() AlterImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
CheckObjectCreated() CheckObjectCreated() CheckObjectCreated()

To be called from domain for when an API requires the object to be Created Stronger than CheckObjectState

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
CheckObjectState() CheckObjectState() CheckObjectState()

To be called from domain for any access to the object

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
Cleanup() Cleanup() Cleanup()

This method cleans up all activities done while configuring/starting/running this collection set Cleanup tasks: Delete collect, upload jobs Change set's state to out of the box settings Set Data collector to non-configured state if this collection set is the last running set Delete all collection set logs

Create() Create() Create()

Create a collection set on the config store

CreateIdentityKey() CreateIdentityKey() CreateIdentityKey() Inherited from SfcInstance
CreateImpl() CreateImpl() CreateImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Inherited from SfcInstance
Drop() Drop() Drop()

Drop the collectoin set from the config store

DropImpl() DropImpl() DropImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistory() EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistory() EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistory()

Gets the top-level history records for given collection set

EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistory(Int64) EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistory(Int64) EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistory(Int64)

Gets history records for given collection set for a given parent log id

EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistoryDetail(Int64) EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistoryDetail(Int64) EnumCollectionSetExecutionHistoryDetail(Int64)

Gets detail records for given collection set execution (logId)

GetChildCollection(String) GetChildCollection(String) GetChildCollection(String)

Get the child collection in this instance for the given element name string.

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
GetDomain() GetDomain() GetDomain() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetLastUploadTime() GetLastUploadTime() GetLastUploadTime()

Gets the time last successful upload finished

GetObjectFactory() GetObjectFactory() GetObjectFactory()

Returns an object factory for the CollectionSet class

GetPropertySet() GetPropertySet() GetPropertySet() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetTypeMetadataImpl() GetTypeMetadataImpl() GetTypeMetadataImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
InitializeUIPropertyState() InitializeUIPropertyState() InitializeUIPropertyState()

Overridable from the child objects who care about initializing their states (dynamic metadata which is currently the ".Enabled" property)

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) Inherited from SfcInstance
MarkRootAsConnected() MarkRootAsConnected() MarkRootAsConnected() Inherited from SfcInstance
MoveImpl(SfcInstance) MoveImpl(SfcInstance) MoveImpl(SfcInstance) Inherited from SfcInstance
OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) Inherited from SfcInstance
OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostAlter(Object) PostAlter(Object) PostAlter(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostCreate(Object) PostCreate(Object) PostCreate(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostDrop(Object) PostDrop(Object) PostDrop(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostMove(Object) PostMove(Object) PostMove(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostRename(Object) PostRename(Object) PostRename(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

refreshes the object's properties by reading them from the server

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
Rename(String) Rename(String) Rename(String)
RenameImpl(SfcKey) RenameImpl(SfcKey) RenameImpl(SfcKey) Inherited from SfcInstance
ResetKey() ResetKey() ResetKey() Inherited from SfcInstance
RunOnce() RunOnce() RunOnce()

Run a collection and upload once, on demand. A single snapshot of data will be collected and uploaded to the Management Data Warehouse. Can only be used if the collection mode is "NonCached".

ScriptAlter() ScriptAlter() ScriptAlter()

Script alter for collection set objects

Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter) Inherited from SfcInstance
Start() Start() Start()

Start collection from a collection set

Stop() Stop() Stop()

Stop collection from a running collection set

ToString() ToString() ToString() Inherited from SfcInstance
UpdateUIPropertyState() UpdateUIPropertyState() UpdateUIPropertyState() Inherited from SfcInstance
Upload() Upload() Upload()

Do an on demand upload on the collection set to the Management Data Warehouse. Only meaningful if the collection mode is "Cached" and the set is currently running.

Validate() Validate() Validate()

Basic child object's validation

(Inherited from SfcInstance)

Explicit Interface Implementations

ISfcCreatable.ScriptCreate() ISfcCreatable.ScriptCreate() ISfcCreatable.ScriptCreate()
ISfcDiscoverObject.Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) ISfcDiscoverObject.Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) ISfcDiscoverObject.Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink)
ISfcDroppable.ScriptDrop() ISfcDroppable.ScriptDrop() ISfcDroppable.ScriptDrop()
ISfcRenamable.Rename(SfcKey) ISfcRenamable.Rename(SfcKey) ISfcRenamable.Rename(SfcKey)
ISfcRenamable.ScriptRename(SfcKey) ISfcRenamable.ScriptRename(SfcKey) ISfcRenamable.ScriptRename(SfcKey)


propertyChanged propertyChanged propertyChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
propertyMetadataChanged propertyMetadataChanged propertyMetadataChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyMetadataChanged PropertyMetadataChanged PropertyMetadataChanged Inherited from SfcInstance

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