Policy.ConnectionProcessingFinishedEventArgs Policy.ConnectionProcessingFinishedEventArgs Policy.ConnectionProcessingFinishedEventArgs Class


연결 처리가 완료될 때 이벤트 처리기에 전달되는 인수를 나타냅니다. Represents the arguments that are passed to the event handler when the connection processing is finished.

public: ref class Policy::ConnectionProcessingFinishedEventArgs sealed : EventArgs
public sealed class Policy.ConnectionProcessingFinishedEventArgs : EventArgs
Public NotInheritable Class Policy.ConnectionProcessingFinishedEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.


Connection Connection Connection

연결을 가져오거나 설정합니다. Gets or sets the connection.

Exception Exception Exception

이벤트에 연결된 예외를 가져오거나 설정합니다. Gets or sets the exception that is associated with the event.

Result Result Result

연결 처리 이벤트의 결과를 가져오거나 설정합니다. Gets or sets the result of the connection processing event.

RootCheckPassed RootCheckPassed RootCheckPassed

전달 되는 루트 검사 여부는 값을 가져오거나 설정 합니다. Gets or sets a value whether the root checking is passed.

TargetsEvaluated TargetsEvaluated TargetsEvaluated

대상 평가 결과를 나타내는 정수 값을 가져오거나 설정합니다. Gets or sets an integer value that represents the result of target evaluation.

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