EnableSsisSupportAlwaysOnSqmHelper EnableSsisSupportAlwaysOnSqmHelper EnableSsisSupportAlwaysOnSqmHelper Class


public ref class EnableSsisSupportAlwaysOnSqmHelper abstract sealed
public static class EnableSsisSupportAlwaysOnSqmHelper
Public Class EnableSsisSupportAlwaysOnSqmHelper


EnableReplicaFailNum EnableReplicaFailNum EnableReplicaFailNum

AlwaysOn 지원 하지 못했습니다. 설정 된 복제본입니다. The number of replica which is enabled AlwaysOn support failed

EnableReplicaSuccessNum EnableReplicaSuccessNum EnableReplicaSuccessNum

AlwaysOn 지원 successed 설정 중인 복제본입니다. The number of replica which is enabled AlwaysOn support successed

EnableResult EnableResult EnableResult

SSIS 지원 AlwaysOn을 만든 결과를 The result of making SSIS support AlwaysOn

ErrorNumber ErrorNumber ErrorNumber

오류 번호입니다. The error number

ErrorType ErrorType ErrorType

SSIS 지원 AlwaysOn 만들기의 오류 유형 The error type of making SSIS support AlwaysOn

ReplicaNumber ReplicaNumber ReplicaNumber

복제본의 수 The number of replica


SetExceptionInfo(Exception) SetExceptionInfo(Exception) SetExceptionInfo(Exception)

예외 정보를 설정합니다. Sets the exception information.

SetInitialValue(Int32, Int32) SetInitialValue(Int32, Int32) SetInitialValue(Int32, Int32)

초기 값을 설정 합니다. Sets the initial value.

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