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public ref class Utilities
public class Utilities
Public Class Utilities


Utilities() Utilities() Utilities()


GetAlwaysOnSecondaryReplicaData(IntegrationServices) GetAlwaysOnSecondaryReplicaData(IntegrationServices) GetAlwaysOnSecondaryReplicaData(IntegrationServices)

기본 노드에 호출 해야 하는 SSISDB에 대 한 alwayson 그룹에서 현재 인스턴스의 보조 복제본을 가져오기 Get the secondary replicas of currents instance in the alwayson group for SSISDB Should only be called in the primary node

GetCurrentServerName(IntegrationServices) GetCurrentServerName(IntegrationServices) GetCurrentServerName(IntegrationServices)

현재 SQL server 인스턴스의 전체 이름 가져오기 Get current SQL server instance full name

GetLocalAlwaysOnRole(IntegrationServices) GetLocalAlwaysOnRole(IntegrationServices) GetLocalAlwaysOnRole(IntegrationServices)

SSISDB에 대 한 alwayson 그룹의 로컬 인스턴스에 역할 가져오기 Get the local instance's role in the alwayson group for SSISDB

GetLoginSidFromName(IntegrationServices, String) GetLoginSidFromName(IntegrationServices, String) GetLoginSidFromName(IntegrationServices, String)

SQL 로그인의 SID는 로그인 이름을 통해 가져오기 Get the SID of the SQL login through its login name

GetPreparedReplicaData(IntegrationServices) GetPreparedReplicaData(IntegrationServices) GetPreparedReplicaData(IntegrationServices)

SSISDB [상태]로 정렬에 대 한 alwayson 그룹에서 현재 인스턴스의 준비 된 복제본을 가져오기 Get the prepared replicas of currents instance in the alwayson group for SSISDB Ordered by [state]

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