ISfcDomainLite ISfcDomainLite ISfcDomainLite Interface


A light weight interface exposing basic properties of a SfcDomain.

public interface ISfcDomainLite : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.ISfcHasConnection
type ISfcDomainLite = interface
    interface ISfcHasConnection
Public Interface ISfcDomainLite
Implements ISfcHasConnection


DomainInstanceName DomainInstanceName DomainInstanceName

The logical name of a domain instance usually derived from the connection and domain information. This name does not have to be unique on the client, but should be different whenever the server representation would be.

DomainName DomainName DomainName

The name of the domain used to distinguish it from other domains. This is usually the end of the namespace qualifier.


GetLogicalVersion() GetLogicalVersion() GetLogicalVersion()

Logical version indicates the changes in the OM of the domain. This acts independent of assembly fileversion or version.

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