SqlRequest SqlRequest SqlRequest Class


SqlRequest extends the enuemrator Request with sql extension specific fields

public class SqlRequest : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.Request
type SqlRequest = class
    inherit Request
Public Class SqlRequest
Inherits Request


SqlRequest() SqlRequest() SqlRequest()

default constructor

SqlRequest(Request) SqlRequest(Request) SqlRequest(Request)

initialize from a Request


Fields Fields Fields

properties to be brought back

(Inherited from PropertiesRequest)
LinkFields LinkFields LinkFields

get the list of link fields

OrderByList OrderByList OrderByList

list of order by clauses

(Inherited from PropertiesRequest)
ParentPropertiesRequests ParentPropertiesRequests ParentPropertiesRequests

the list of properties requested for the upper levels

(Inherited from Request)
PropertyAlias PropertyAlias PropertyAlias

describes how the property names will be aliased

(Inherited from PropertiesRequest)
RequestFieldsTypes RequestFieldsTypes RequestFieldsTypes

RequestFieldsTypes describes what the list of fields means

(Inherited from PropertiesRequest)
ResolveDatabases ResolveDatabases ResolveDatabases

if false the database level does not special processing

ResultType ResultType ResultType

the requested ResultType

(Inherited from Request)
Urn Urn Urn

XPath expression

(Inherited from Request)


SetLinkFields(ArrayList) SetLinkFields(ArrayList) SetLinkFields(ArrayList)

set a list of link fields ( will we need to be have thei value resolved )

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