JobFilter.DateJobLastModified JobFilter.DateJobLastModified JobFilter.DateJobLastModified Property


Gets or sets the job filter constraint that restricts the values returned by the JobServer object's EnumJobs(JobFilter) method to the date the job was last modified.

 property DateTime DateJobLastModified { DateTime get(); void set(DateTime value); };
public DateTime DateJobLastModified { get; set; }
Public Property DateJobLastModified As DateTime
Property Value

A DateTime object value that specifies the date the job was last modified.


Scheduling Automatic Administrative Tasks in SQL Server Agent


A job filter can be applied to the JobServer object's EnumJobs method to restrict the returned enumerated list. When the constraint is a date property such as DateJobLastModified the FindOperand is used to specify whether the enumerated list is restricted to jobs that were last modified on an earlier, later, or equal date.

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