JobSchedule.FrequencySubDayInterval JobSchedule.FrequencySubDayInterval JobSchedule.FrequencySubDayInterval Property


당일에 실행되는 예약된 작업 간의 간격을 가져오거나 설정합니다. Gets or sets the interval between scheduled jobs that run during the day.

 property int FrequencySubDayInterval { int get(); void set(int value); };
public int FrequencySubDayInterval { get; set; }
Public Property FrequencySubDayInterval As Integer
속성 값

당일에 실행되는 예약된 작업 간의 간격을 지정하는 정수 값입니다. An integer value that specifies the interval between scheduled jobs that run during the day.


SQL Server 에이전트에서 자동 관리 태스크 예약Scheduling Automatic Administrative Tasks in SQL Server Agent


FrequencySubDayInterval 속성은 경우에만 의미는 FrequencyTypes 속성은 JobSchedule 개체로 설정 되어 FrequencyType.DailyFrequencySubDayTypes 속성이로 설정 되어 FrequencySubDayType.Hour 또는 FrequencySubDayType.Minute합니다.The FrequencySubDayInterval property has meaning only when the FrequencyTypes property of the JobSchedule object is set to FrequencyType.Daily and the FrequencySubDayTypes property is set to FrequencySubDayType.Hour or FrequencySubDayType.Minute.

예를 들어 매일 발생에 대 한 활동을 예약 하려면 15 분 마다 설정 FrequencyTypesFrequencyType.Daily설정, FrequencySubDayTypesFrequencySubDayType.Minute, 설정 및 FrequencySubDayInterval 15입니다.For example, to schedule an activity for daily occurrence, every 15 minutes, set FrequencyTypes to FrequencyType.Daily, set FrequencySubDayTypes to FrequencySubDayType.Minute, and set FrequencySubDayInterval to 15.

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