ServiceQueueEvents ServiceQueueEvents ServiceQueueEvents Class


ServiceQueueEvents 개체는 SQL Server 서비스 큐 이벤트 알림에 필요한 설정을 나타냅니다. The ServiceQueueEvents object represents the settings required for SQL Server service queue event notification.

public ref class ServiceQueueEvents
public class ServiceQueueEvents
Public Class ServiceQueueEvents


SMO 이벤트 처리Handling SMO Events


스레드 보안Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Microsoft Visual Basic) members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.


GetEventSelection() GetEventSelection() GetEventSelection()

현재 선택된 이벤트 알림을 반환합니다. Returns the currently selected event notifications.

StartEvents() StartEvents() StartEvents()

이벤트 받기를 시작합니다. Starts receiving events.

StopEvents() StopEvents() StopEvents()

이벤트 받기를 중지합니다. Stops receiving events.

SubscribeToEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet) SubscribeToEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet) SubscribeToEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet)

받을 서비스 큐 이벤트를 지정합니다. Specifies the service queue events to receive.

SubscribeToEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet, ServerEventHandler) SubscribeToEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet, ServerEventHandler) SubscribeToEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet, ServerEventHandler)

받을 원격 서비스 큐 이벤트 및 해당 이벤트를 처리할 이벤트 처리기를 지정합니다. Specifies the service queue events to receive and the event handler that handles the events.

UnsubscribeAllEvents() UnsubscribeAllEvents() UnsubscribeAllEvents()

모든 이벤트 설정을 지우고 모든 이벤트 처리기를 제거합니다. Clears all event settings, and removes all event handlers.

UnsubscribeFromEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet) UnsubscribeFromEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet) UnsubscribeFromEvents(ServiceQueueEventSet)

지정한 이벤트 설정을 지우고 지정한 이벤트 처리기를 제거합니다. Clears the specified event settings, and removes the specified event handlers.


ServerEvent ServerEvent ServerEvent

이벤트가 발생할 때 발생 하는 이벤트를 지정 ServiceQueue 개체 및 사용자는 해당 개체 인스턴스의 이벤트를 구독 합니다. Specifies the event raised when an event occurs in ServiceQueue object and the user subscribed to the events from that object instance.

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