DatabaseEncryptionState DatabaseEncryptionState DatabaseEncryptionState Enum


데이터베이스의 가능한 암호화 상태를 열거합니다. Enumerates the possible encryption states of a database.

public enum class DatabaseEncryptionState
public enum DatabaseEncryptionState
Public Enum DatabaseEncryptionState


DecryptionInProgress DecryptionInProgress DecryptionInProgress 5

암호 해독 중입니다. Decryption in progress.

Encrypted Encrypted Encrypted 3

데이터베이스가 암호화되었습니다. Database is encrypted.

EncryptionInProgress EncryptionInProgress EncryptionInProgress 2

암호화 키를 변경 중입니다. Encryption key changes in progress.

EncryptionKeyChangesInProgress EncryptionKeyChangesInProgress EncryptionKeyChangesInProgress 4

암호화 키를 변경 중입니다. Encryption key changes in progress.

None None None 0

암호화 상태가 없음입니다. Encryption state is None.

Unencrypted Unencrypted Unencrypted 1

암호화가 없습니다. There is no encryption.

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