DatabaseStatus Enum


This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum DatabaseStatus
type DatabaseStatus = 
Public Enum DatabaseStatus


AutoClosed 512

The database has been autoclosed.

EmergencyMode 256

Emergency mode has been initiated on the referenced database.

Inaccessible 62

Property value that may be used for bitwisee AND operation to determine accessibility of the database (Restoring | Offline | Suspect | Recovering | RecoveryPending).

Normal 1

Referenced database is available for use (Online).

Offline 32

Referenced database has been placed offline by a system or user action.

Recovering 8

Database recovery is underway on the referenced database.

RecoveryPending 4

Database recovery is being prepared for the referenced database.

Restoring 2

Database restore is underway on the referenced database.

Shutdown 128

Database is in Shutdown

Standby 64

Referenced database defined on a standby server.

Suspect 16

Database integrity is suspect for the referenced database.

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