EndpointType EndpointType EndpointType Enum


EndpointType 열거형은 HTTP 끝점의 유형을 지정하는 상수 값 목록입니다. The EndpointType enumeration is a list of constant values that specifies the type of HTTP endpoint.

public enum class EndpointType
public enum EndpointType
Public Enum EndpointType


DatabaseMirroring DatabaseMirroring DatabaseMirroring 4

HTTP 끝점 유형이 데이터베이스 미러링입니다. The HTTP endpoint type is database mirroring.

ServiceBroker ServiceBroker ServiceBroker 3

HTTP 끝점 유형이 SQL Server Service Broker를입니다. The HTTP endpoint type is SQL Server Service Broker.

Soap Soap Soap 1

HTTP 끝점 유형이 SOAP입니다. The HTTP endpoint type is SOAP.

TSql TSql TSql 2

HTTP 끝점 유형이 Transact-SQL입니다. The HTTP endpoint type is Transact-SQL.

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