ExecutionStatus ExecutionStatus ExecutionStatus Enum


ExecutionStatus 열거형은 실행 중인 프로세스의 상태를 지정 하는 상수 값의 목록입니다. The ExecutionStatus enumeration is a list of constant values that specify the status of an executing process.

public enum class ExecutionStatus
public enum ExecutionStatus
Public Enum ExecutionStatus


Failed Failed Failed 3

프로세스가 실패했습니다. The process has failed.

Inactive Inactive Inactive 0

프로세스가 실행 중이 아닙니다. The process is inactive.

InProgress InProgress InProgress 1

프로세스가 실행되고 있습니다. The process is running.

Succeeded Succeeded Succeeded 2

프로세스가 성공적으로 완료되었습니다. The process has completed successfully.


ExecutionStatus 열거형 클래스는 ExecutionStatus 속성에서 사용됩니다.The ExecutionStatus enumeration class is served by the ExecutionStatus property.

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