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Month 열 두 개의 달을 지정 하는 상수 값을 포함 하는 열거형입니다. The Month enumeration contains constant values that specify the twelve calendar months.

public enum class Month
public enum Month
Public Enum Month


April April April 4

4월. April, month 4.

August August August 8

8월. August, month 8.

December December December 12

12월. December, month 12.

February February February 2

2월. February, month 2.

January January January 1

1월. January, month 1.

July July July 7

7월. July, month 7.

June June June 6

6월. June, month 6.

March March March 3

3월. March, month 3.

May May May 5

5월. May, month 5.

November November November 11

11월. November, month 11.

October October October 10

10월. October, month 10.

September September September 9

9월 September, month 9


Month 열거형 클래스는 Month 메서드에서 사용됩니다.The Month enumeration class is served by the Month method.

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