UIConnectionInfo UIConnectionInfo UIConnectionInfo Class


Object for storing and persisting server connection information

public class UIConnectionInfo : IComparable<Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.RegSvrEnum.UIConnectionInfo>
type UIConnectionInfo = class
    interface IComparable<UIConnectionInfo>
Public Class UIConnectionInfo
Implements IComparable(Of UIConnectionInfo)


UIConnectionInfo() UIConnectionInfo() UIConnectionInfo()

Default constructor

UIConnectionInfo(UIConnectionInfo) UIConnectionInfo(UIConnectionInfo) UIConnectionInfo(UIConnectionInfo)

Copy constructor - create connection to the same server as lhs

UIConnectionInfo(UIConnectionInfo, Boolean) UIConnectionInfo(UIConnectionInfo, Boolean) UIConnectionInfo(UIConnectionInfo, Boolean)

Copy constructor - create connection like lhs.


AdvancedOptions AdvancedOptions AdvancedOptions

Collection for storing user-defined connection parameters

ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName

The Application from thich this UIConnectionInfo instance will be used to connect from

AuthenticationType AuthenticationType AuthenticationType

Authentication type to use. This is interpreted by the corresponding IServerType object

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

The display name for the server

EncryptedPassword EncryptedPassword EncryptedPassword

the password in encrypted form

Id Id Id

The serial number of the connection info

OtherParams OtherParams OtherParams

The additional parameters if any of connection info

Password Password Password

Password to connect with. This class holds password in encrypted format. The getter will return decrypted version of the password. The setter expects to get clear-text password and immediately encrypts it

PersistPassword PersistPassword PersistPassword

Used by the connection dialog to determine if the password should be persisted

RenewableToken RenewableToken RenewableToken

Gets or sets the object to fetch or renew an access token for SqlConnection objects generated from this connection info instance.

ServerName ServerName ServerName

The server name to connect to

ServerNameNoDot ServerNameNoDot ServerNameNoDot

returns either server name or "(local)" if the server name is "." or empty

ServerType ServerType ServerType

The server type that this object is configured for

ServerVersion ServerVersion ServerVersion

The version of the server for this connection

UserName UserName UserName

username to connect with


CompareTo(UIConnectionInfo) CompareTo(UIConnectionInfo) CompareTo(UIConnectionInfo)

Comparison used for sorting connection info

Copy() Copy() Copy()

Create a new connection info like this connection info.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Whether this connection info refers to the same connection as the other

GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

The hash code for finding the connection info in hash tables

LoadFromStream(XmlReader) LoadFromStream(XmlReader) LoadFromStream(XmlReader)

Reads from an open XML Stream

SaveToStream(XmlWriter, Boolean) SaveToStream(XmlWriter, Boolean) SaveToStream(XmlWriter, Boolean)

Saves a UIConnectionInfo object to an XML stream


Equality(Object, UIConnectionInfo) Equality(Object, UIConnectionInfo) Equality(Object, UIConnectionInfo)

Whether the two connection info objects are equal

Equality(UIConnectionInfo, UIConnectionInfo) Equality(UIConnectionInfo, UIConnectionInfo) Equality(UIConnectionInfo, UIConnectionInfo)

Whether the two connection info objects are equal

Equality(UIConnectionInfo, Object) Equality(UIConnectionInfo, Object) Equality(UIConnectionInfo, Object)

Whether the two connection info objects are equal

Inequality(UIConnectionInfo, UIConnectionInfo) Inequality(UIConnectionInfo, UIConnectionInfo) Inequality(UIConnectionInfo, UIConnectionInfo)

Whether the two connection info objects are not equal

Inequality(UIConnectionInfo, Object) Inequality(UIConnectionInfo, Object) Inequality(UIConnectionInfo, Object)

Whether the two connection info objects are not equal

Inequality(Object, UIConnectionInfo) Inequality(Object, UIConnectionInfo) Inequality(Object, UIConnectionInfo)

Whether the two connection info objects are not equal

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