IUser IUser IUser Interface


Represents a SQL Server user.

public interface class IUser : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::SqlParser::Metadata::IDatabasePrincipal
public interface IUser : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.Metadata.IDatabasePrincipal
Public Interface IUser
Implements IDatabasePrincipal


AsymmetricKey AsymmetricKey AsymmetricKey

Gets the IAsymmetricKey object that is associated with the user.

Certificate Certificate Certificate

Gets the ICertificate object that is associated with the user.

DefaultSchema DefaultSchema DefaultSchema

Gets an ISchema object that specifies the default schema for the user.

Login Login Login

Gets an ILogin object that specifies the login for the user.

Password Password Password

Gets the password value that is associated with the user.

UserType UserType UserType

Gets the type of the user.

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