OrderedCollectionDifference OrderedCollectionDifference OrderedCollectionDifference Class


자식이 기록되는 컬렉션의 변경 내용을 나타냅니다. Represents the changes in a collection whose children are reordered.

public ref class OrderedCollectionDifference : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::SqlParser::MetadataDifferencer::PropertyDifference
public class OrderedCollectionDifference : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.MetadataDifferencer.PropertyDifference
Public Class OrderedCollectionDifference
Inherits PropertyDifference


Name Name Name

두 그래프에서 값이 서로 다른 속성의 이름을 가져옵니다. Gets the name of the property whose value differs on any two graphs.

(Inherited from PropertyDifference)
OrderDifferences OrderDifferences OrderDifferences

기록되는 자식의 컬렉션을 가져옵니다. Gets a collection of the children who are reordered.

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