WizardFramework WizardFramework WizardFramework Class


Provides the framework for a wizard.

public ref class WizardFramework : System::Windows::Forms::Form
public class WizardFramework : System.Windows.Forms.Form
Public Class WizardFramework
Inherits Form


ButtonsPanel ButtonsPanel ButtonsPanel

Gets the WizardButtonsPanel object that represents the button panel.

CancelCaption CancelCaption CancelCaption

Gets or sets the title for the cancel message.

CancelMessage CancelMessage CancelMessage

The message that appears when the wizard is canceled.

ConfirmOnCancel ConfirmOnCancel ConfirmOnCancel

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to confirm when the Cancel button is clicked.

CurrentPage CurrentPage CurrentPage

Gets the current page.

CurrentPageId CurrentPageId CurrentPageId

Gets the ID of the current page.

FrameworkName FrameworkName FrameworkName

Gets or sets the name of the wizard.

HeaderImage HeaderImage HeaderImage

Gets or sets the image that is displayed on the header panel.

HeaderPanel HeaderPanel HeaderPanel

Gets a WizardHeaderPanel object that represents the header panel.

HeaderTitle HeaderTitle HeaderTitle

Gets or sets the title of the header panel.

HelpKey HelpKey HelpKey

Gets or sets the help key for the WizardFramework object. This help key is used if a page does not have a help key associated with it.

HelpPanel HelpPanel HelpPanel

Gets a WizardHeaderPanel object that represents the help panel.

LastPage LastPage LastPage

Gets the last page.

NavigationPanel NavigationPanel NavigationPanel

Gets a WizardNavigationPanel object that represents the navigation panel.

PagePanel PagePanel PagePanel

Gets a WizardPagePanel object that represents the page panel.

Pages Pages Pages

Gets the list of pages in to the WizardFramework object.

ResizeState ResizeState ResizeState

Gets or sets the resize state.

SqlWizardTelemetryProperty SqlWizardTelemetryProperty SqlWizardTelemetryProperty
StartPage StartPage StartPage

Gets or sets the start page.


AddPage(Page) AddPage(Page) AddPage(Page)

Adds the specified page to the wizard.

AddPage(String) AddPage(String) AddPage(String)

Adds all the pages that are defined in the specified assembly to the wizard.

AddPage(Page, Page) AddPage(Page, Page) AddPage(Page, Page)

Adds a subpage to the wizard.

AddPage(String, Type) AddPage(String, Type) AddPage(String, Type)

Searches the specified assembly for pages whose type matches the specified type, and adds them to the wizard.

AddPageRange(Page[]) AddPageRange(Page[]) AddPageRange(Page[])

Adds the pages in the specified array to the wizard.

Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean)

Cleans up any resources that are being used.

EnableButton(FrameworkButton, Boolean) EnableButton(FrameworkButton, Boolean) EnableButton(FrameworkButton, Boolean)

Enables or disables the specified button.

GetService(Type) GetService(Type) GetService(Type)

Gets the specified service. This method can be called by a child window to get console services.

IsCurrentPage(Page) IsCurrentPage(Page) IsCurrentPage(Page)

Checks whether the specified page is the current page.

IsLastPage(Page) IsLastPage(Page) IsLastPage(Page)

Checks whether the specified page is the last page.

IsStartPage(Page) IsStartPage(Page) IsStartPage(Page)

Checks whether the specified page is the first page.

OnClosing(CancelEventArgs) OnClosing(CancelEventArgs) OnClosing(CancelEventArgs)

Called when the wizard is closing.

OnHelpRequested(HelpEventArgs) OnHelpRequested(HelpEventArgs) OnHelpRequested(HelpEventArgs)

Called when help is requested.

OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs)

Called when the wizard is initialized.

OnValidityChanged(Page) OnValidityChanged(Page) OnValidityChanged(Page)

Confirms that the specified page has changed, and then refreshes the navigation panel and notifies the other pages.

OnValidityChanged(Int32) OnValidityChanged(Int32) OnValidityChanged(Int32)

Confirms that the page that has the specified ID has changed, and then refreshes the navigation panel and notifies the other pages.

RefreshNavigationPanel() RefreshNavigationPanel() RefreshNavigationPanel()

Refreshes the navigation panel.

RemoveAllPages() RemoveAllPages() RemoveAllPages()

Removes all the pages from the wizard.

RemoveHelpKey(Control) RemoveHelpKey(Control) RemoveHelpKey(Control)

Removes the help key for the specified control. Help will no longer be available for the specified control.

RemovePage(Page) RemovePage(Page) RemovePage(Page)

Removes the specified page from the wizard.

RemovePage(Int32) RemovePage(Int32) RemovePage(Int32)

Removes the page that has the specified ID from the wizard.

RemovePageRange(Page[]) RemovePageRange(Page[]) RemovePageRange(Page[])

Removes the specified pages from the wizard.

SetButtonText(FrameworkButton, String) SetButtonText(FrameworkButton, String) SetButtonText(FrameworkButton, String)

Sets the text for the specified button.

SetHelpKey(Control, String) SetHelpKey(Control, String) SetHelpKey(Control, String)

Sets the help key for the specified control.

ShowBooksOnlineHelp() ShowBooksOnlineHelp() ShowBooksOnlineHelp()

Shows the SQL Server Books Online help.

ShowBooksOnlineHelp(String) ShowBooksOnlineHelp(String) ShowBooksOnlineHelp(String)

Shows the SQL Server Books Online help.

ShowButton(FrameworkButton, Boolean) ShowButton(FrameworkButton, Boolean) ShowButton(FrameworkButton, Boolean)

Shows or hides the specified button.


PageFrameworkAction PageFrameworkAction PageFrameworkAction

Occurs when the wizard is completed.

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