ConnectionDialog ConnectionDialog ConnectionDialog Class


Contains methods that are used to define the behavior of the connection dialog box in SQL Server. The connection dialog box is used to connect to instances of SQL Server in tools such as SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Profiler.

public ref class ConnectionDialog : System::Windows::Forms::Form
public class ConnectionDialog : System.Windows.Forms.Form
Public Class ConnectionDialog
Inherits Form


ConnectionDialog() ConnectionDialog() ConnectionDialog()

Initializes a new instance of the ConnectionDialog class.


doneOneTimeInit doneOneTimeInit doneOneTimeInit

Tracks whether it is the first time that the connection dialog box becomes visible.


ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName

Gets or sets the application name associated with the connection dialog box.

AvailableServers AvailableServers AvailableServers

Retrieves the servers that are available for the connection dialog box.

ConnectionVerifier ConnectionVerifier ConnectionVerifier

Gets or sets the invoker of the dialog box that specifies a delegate to be used to verify the connection.

FirewallRuleDetectionEnabled FirewallRuleDetectionEnabled FirewallRuleDetectionEnabled
ImportRegisteredServersOnFirstLaunch ImportRegisteredServersOnFirstLaunch ImportRegisteredServersOnFirstLaunch

A Boolean value that determines whether to import the list of registered servers the first time that the connection dialog box is opened.

ServerNameSetOnLaunch ServerNameSetOnLaunch ServerNameSetOnLaunch

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether server name is set to launch mode.


AddServer(IServerType) AddServer(IServerType) AddServer(IServerType)

Adds a server to the connection dialog box.

DisableOptionsButton() DisableOptionsButton() DisableOptionsButton()

Disables the option button in the connection dialog.

Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean)

Releases the unmanaged resources used by the ConnectionDialog and optionally releases the managed resources.

EnableDisableServerInstanceControl(Boolean) EnableDisableServerInstanceControl(Boolean) EnableDisableServerInstanceControl(Boolean)

Enables or disables the server instance control of an object.

FixServerName() FixServerName() FixServerName()

Fixes the server name in the connection dialog.

OnClosed(EventArgs) OnClosed(EventArgs) OnClosed(EventArgs)

Raises the OnClosed(EventArgs) event.

OnClosing(CancelEventArgs) OnClosing(CancelEventArgs) OnClosing(CancelEventArgs)

Raises the Closing event.

OnHelpRequested(HelpEventArgs) OnHelpRequested(HelpEventArgs) OnHelpRequested(HelpEventArgs)

Raises the OnHelpRequested(HelpEventArgs) event.

OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs)

Raises the Load event.

OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs) OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs) OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs)

Raises an event if a control changes visibility.

ProcessKeyPreview(Message) ProcessKeyPreview(Message) ProcessKeyPreview(Message)

Shows a message that has been processed.

SetApplicationTitle(String) SetApplicationTitle(String) SetApplicationTitle(String)

Sets the application title for the connection dialog box.

SetConnectButtonText(String) SetConnectButtonText(String) SetConnectButtonText(String)

Used to set the text to use instead of "Connect" for the Connect button.

SetShowRememberPassword(Boolean) SetShowRememberPassword(Boolean) SetShowRememberPassword(Boolean)

Sets a value indicating whether the dialog box remembers displaying the password.

ShowDialogCollectValues(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo) ShowDialogCollectValues(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo) ShowDialogCollectValues(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo)

Shows a dialog to collect the values for the connection.

ShowDialogValidateConnection(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo, IDbConnection) ShowDialogValidateConnection(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo, IDbConnection) ShowDialogValidateConnection(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo, IDbConnection)

Used to collect the connection information and to validate it by establishing a live connection.

TryToConnect(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo, IDbConnection) TryToConnect(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo, IDbConnection) TryToConnect(IWin32Window, UIConnectionInfo, IDbConnection)

Opens the connection using a given connection info without showing any UI.

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