SpinnerBox SpinnerBox SpinnerBox Class


Represents the SpinnerBox and its properties.

public ref class SpinnerBox : System::Windows::Forms::PictureBox
public class SpinnerBox : System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox
Public Class SpinnerBox
Inherits PictureBox


SpinnerBox() SpinnerBox() SpinnerBox()

Initializes a new instance of the SpinnerBox class.


isActive isActive isActive

Defines a value that indicates whether the object is active.

offX offX offX

Defines a value that the drop shadow is offset from the object along the x-axis.

timer timer timer

Executes the timer in the spinner box.

v v v

Defines the integer value of the velocity of the spinner box.


Delay Delay Delay

Gets or sets the value of time interval for delay.

Velocity Velocity Velocity

Gets or sets the integer value for the velocity of the spinner box.


Activate() Activate() Activate()

Indicates the timer to start.

Deactivate() Deactivate() Deactivate()

Indicates the timer of the spinner box to stop.

Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean)

Releases the unmanaged resources used by the SpinnerBox and optionally releases the managed resources.

OnPaint(PaintEventArgs) OnPaint(PaintEventArgs) OnPaint(PaintEventArgs)

Raises the PaintEventArgs to scale the image.

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