Utility.IsUtilityControlPoint(SqlStoreConnection) Utility.IsUtilityControlPoint(SqlStoreConnection) Utility.IsUtilityControlPoint(SqlStoreConnection) Method


지정한 서버가 UCP(유틸리티 제어 지점)인지 여부를 결정합니다. Determines whether the specified server is a utility control point (UCP).

 static bool IsUtilityControlPoint(Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::Sdk::Sfc::SqlStoreConnection ^ storeConnection);
public static bool IsUtilityControlPoint (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.SqlStoreConnection storeConnection);
Public Shared Function IsUtilityControlPoint (storeConnection As SqlStoreConnection) As Boolean
매개 변수
SqlStoreConnection SqlStoreConnection SqlStoreConnection

테스트할 서버를 지정하는 SqlStoreConnection입니다. A SqlStoreConnection that specifies the server to test.


A Boolean 서버가 UCP 인지를 지정 하는 값입니다. A Boolean value specifying whether the server is a UCP. 서버가 UCP이면 true이고, If true, the server is a UCP. 그렇지 않으면 false합니다. Otherwise, false.

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