Event Event Event Class


Runtime class for Event. Each instance of this class represents a row in sys.server_event_session_events.

public sealed class Event : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.SfcInstance, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.XEvent.ISessionObject
type Event = class
    inherit SfcInstance
    interface ISfcDiscoverObject
    interface ISessionObject
Public NotInheritable Class Event
Inherits SfcInstance
Implements ISessionObject


Event() Event() Event()

Initializes a new instance of the Event class. Empty constructor is a convention in SFC.

Event(Session, EventInfo) Event(Session, EventInfo) Event(Session, EventInfo)

Initializes a new instance of the Event class from an EventInfo object.

Event(Session, String) Event(Session, String) Event(Session, String)

Initializes a new instance of the Event class with given parent and name.


TypeTypeName TypeTypeName TypeTypeName

Type name


AbstractIdentityKey AbstractIdentityKey AbstractIdentityKey Inherited from SfcInstance
Actions Actions Actions

Gets the actions for this event.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets event description. Set accessor is for internal use only.

EventFields EventFields EventFields

Gets the event fileds collection.


Gets the description.

IdentityKey IdentityKey IdentityKey

Gets the identity key.

Metadata Metadata Metadata Inherited from SfcInstance
ModuleID ModuleID ModuleID

Gets the module ID.

Name Name Name

The name of the Event

PackageName PackageName PackageName

Gets the package name that the event belongs to.

Parent Parent Parent

Parent Property for Event.

Predicate Predicate Predicate

Predicate tree for PredicateExpression.

PredicateExpression PredicateExpression PredicateExpression

This is the string representation of the predicate.

Properties Properties Properties Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyStorageProvider PropertyStorageProvider PropertyStorageProvider

This property returns the default implementation of SFC for ISfcPropertyStorageProvider interface, it can be overriden in the child classes to return another storage provider (i.e. flat properties list)

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
ScriptName ScriptName ScriptName

Gets Event name formatted for scripting.

State State State

State of the object, used in Alter function in session.

Urn Urn Urn

Create a new Urn string on each request and return it.

(Inherited from SfcInstance)


AddAction(ActionInfo) AddAction(ActionInfo) AddAction(ActionInfo)

Create an action from the ActionInfo and add it into the action collection.

AddAction(String) AddAction(String) AddAction(String)

Create an action with the specify name and add it to the actions.

AlterImpl() AlterImpl() AlterImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
CheckObjectCreated() CheckObjectCreated() CheckObjectCreated()

To be called from domain for when an API requires the object to be Created Stronger than CheckObjectState

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
CheckObjectState() CheckObjectState() CheckObjectState()

To be called from domain for any access to the object

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
CreateIdentityKey() CreateIdentityKey() CreateIdentityKey() Inherited from SfcInstance
CreateImpl() CreateImpl() CreateImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Inherited from SfcInstance
DropImpl() DropImpl() DropImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetChildCollection(String) GetChildCollection(String) GetChildCollection(String)

Get the child collection in this instance for the given element name string.

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
GetDomain() GetDomain() GetDomain() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetObjectFactory() GetObjectFactory() GetObjectFactory()

Gets the object factory.

GetPropertySet() GetPropertySet() GetPropertySet() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetTypeMetadata() GetTypeMetadata() GetTypeMetadata()

Gets Sfc Type Metadata.

GetTypeMetadataImpl() GetTypeMetadataImpl() GetTypeMetadataImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
HasCustomizableField() HasCustomizableField() HasCustomizableField()

Determines whether the event has at least one field needs to be set.

InitializeUIPropertyState() InitializeUIPropertyState() InitializeUIPropertyState()

Overridable from the child objects who care about initializing their states (dynamic metadata which is currently the ".Enabled" property)

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) Inherited from SfcInstance
MarkRootAsConnected() MarkRootAsConnected() MarkRootAsConnected() Inherited from SfcInstance
MoveImpl(SfcInstance) MoveImpl(SfcInstance) MoveImpl(SfcInstance) Inherited from SfcInstance
OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) Inherited from SfcInstance
OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostAlter(Object) PostAlter(Object) PostAlter(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostCreate(Object) PostCreate(Object) PostCreate(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostDrop(Object) PostDrop(Object) PostDrop(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostMove(Object) PostMove(Object) PostMove(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostRename(Object) PostRename(Object) PostRename(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

refreshes the object's properties by reading them from the server

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
RemoveAction(Action) RemoveAction(Action) RemoveAction(Action)

Removes the action from the session.

RenameImpl(SfcKey) RenameImpl(SfcKey) RenameImpl(SfcKey) Inherited from SfcInstance
ResetKey() ResetKey() ResetKey() Inherited from SfcInstance
Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter) Inherited from SfcInstance
SetEventInfo(EventInfo) SetEventInfo(EventInfo) SetEventInfo(EventInfo)

Set the EventInfo for a pending Event.

ToString() ToString() ToString() Inherited from SfcInstance
UpdateUIPropertyState() UpdateUIPropertyState() UpdateUIPropertyState() Inherited from SfcInstance
Validate() Validate() Validate()

Basic child object's validation

(Inherited from SfcInstance)

Explicit Interface Implementations

ISessionObject.GetCreateScript() ISessionObject.GetCreateScript() ISessionObject.GetCreateScript()

Generate the script for add an event. Used in Create Session.

ISessionObject.GetDropScript() ISessionObject.GetDropScript() ISessionObject.GetDropScript()

Generating the script for drop the event. Used in Alter Session.

ISessionObject.IsDirty() ISessionObject.IsDirty() ISessionObject.IsDirty()
ISfcDiscoverObject.Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) ISfcDiscoverObject.Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) ISfcDiscoverObject.Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink)


propertyChanged propertyChanged propertyChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
propertyMetadataChanged propertyMetadataChanged propertyMetadataChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyMetadataChanged PropertyMetadataChanged PropertyMetadataChanged Inherited from SfcInstance

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