AgentProfile.AddParameter(String, String) AgentProfile.AddParameter(String, String) AgentProfile.AddParameter(String, String) Method


Adds a parameter to the replication agent profile.

 void AddParameter(System::String ^ name, System::String ^ value);
public void AddParameter (string name, string value);
Public Sub AddParameter (name As String, value As String)
String String String

A String value that specifies the name of a profile parameter.

String String String

A String value that specifies a value for the profile parameter.


When the profile represented by the object does not exist on the server.

When the name parameter is null, contains null characters, or is longer than 128-Unicode characters.

When the value parameter is null, contains null characters or is longer than 255-Unicode characters.


The parameter name and value are validated by the server. The profile must exist on the server before parameters can be added. Call EnumParameters to get the parameters that are currently defined for the profile.

The AddParameter method can be called only by a member of the sysadmin fixed server role at the Distributor. AddParameter is equivalent to executing sp_add_agent_parameter (Transact-SQL).

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