ActionOnDataDelete ActionOnDataDelete ActionOnDataDelete Enum


충돌을 발생시키지 않는 DELETE 문을 복제할 때 수행할 수 있는 모든 동작을 열거합니다. Enumerates all actions that can be taken when replicating DELETE statements that do not result in a conflict.

public enum class ActionOnDataDelete
public enum ActionOnDataDelete
Public Enum ActionOnDataDelete


AcceptDelete AcceptDelete AcceptDelete 1

삭제가 허용되고 일반적인 방식으로 복제 프로세스에서 전파됩니다. The delete is accepted and propagated by the replication process as usual.

ConvertDeleteToUpdate ConvertDeleteToUpdate ConvertDeleteToUpdate 2

삭제가 거부되고 변경 행이 원래 삭제의 원본에서 삽입이 되도록 대상에서 업데이트되어야 합니다. The delete is rejected, and the change row should be updated on the destination so that it becomes an insert on the source of the original delete.

RejectDelete RejectDelete RejectDelete 0

삭제가 거부되고 복제 프로세스에서 전파되지 않습니다. The delete is rejected and not propagated by the replication process.

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