MergeArticle.ScriptMergeJoinFilter(MergeJoinFilter, ScriptOptions) MergeArticle.ScriptMergeJoinFilter(MergeJoinFilter, ScriptOptions) Method


Transact 반환-병합 아티클에 연결 된 병합 조인 필터의 SQL 스크립트. Returns a Transact-SQL script of the merge join filter attached to the merge article.

 System::String ^ ScriptMergeJoinFilter(Microsoft::SqlServer::Replication::MergeJoinFilter ^ mergeJoinFilter, Microsoft::SqlServer::Replication::ScriptOptions scriptOption);
public string ScriptMergeJoinFilter (Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.MergeJoinFilter mergeJoinFilter, Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.ScriptOptions scriptOption);
매개 변수
MergeJoinFilter MergeJoinFilter

스크립팅할 병합 조인 필터를 나타내는 MergeJoinFilter 개체입니다. A MergeJoinFilter object that represents the merge join filter to script.

ScriptOptions ScriptOptions

A ScriptOptions 개체 스크립팅 옵션을 지정 하는 값입니다. A ScriptOptions object value that specifies the scripting options.


A String Transact 포함 된 값-SQL 스크립트. A String value that contains the Transact-SQL script.

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