ReplicationDatabase.QueueReaderAgentExists ReplicationDatabase.QueueReaderAgentExists ReplicationDatabase.QueueReaderAgentExists Property


Gets whether or not a Queue Reader Agent job exists for the database.

 property bool QueueReaderAgentExists { bool get(); };
public bool QueueReaderAgentExists { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property QueueReaderAgentExists As Boolean
Property Value

A Boolean value that indicates whether a Queue Reader Agent job has been created for the distribution database or not.


When the database does not exist.

When the Queue Reader Agent has not been upgraded to the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 replication agent security model. For more information, see Security and Protection (Replication).


The QueueReaderAgentExists property can only be retrieved by members of the sysadmin fixed server role and members of the db_owner fixed database role.

Retrieving QueueReaderAgentExists is equivalent to executing sp_helpqreader_agent (Transact-SQL).

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