TransSubscription.BackupInformation TransSubscription.BackupInformation TransSubscription.BackupInformation Property


백업에서 구독을 초기화하는 데 필요한 정보를 가져오거나 설정합니다. Gets or sets information needed to initialize a subscription from a backup.

 property Microsoft::SqlServer::Replication::SubscriptionBackupInformation ^ BackupInformation { Microsoft::SqlServer::Replication::SubscriptionBackupInformation ^ get(); void set(Microsoft::SqlServer::Replication::SubscriptionBackupInformation ^ value); };
public Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.SubscriptionBackupInformation BackupInformation { get; set; }
Public Property BackupInformation As SubscriptionBackupInformation
속성 값


사용 하도록 설정 해야 AllowInitializationFromBackupAttributes 설정 하기 전에 게시에 대 한 속성의 BackupInformation 속성입니다.You must enable AllowInitializationFromBackup on the Attributes property for the publication before you set the BackupInformation property.

BackupInformation 경우 속성 값이 무시 값 SyncType 않습니다 InitializeWithBackup합니다.The BackupInformation property value is ignored if the value SyncType is not InitializeWithBackup.

BackupInformation 속성은 구독 작성 되 면 액세스할 수 없는 읽기/쓰기 속성입니다.The BackupInformation property is a read/write property that cannot be accessed once the subscription has been created.

sysadmin 고정 서버 역할의 멤버 또는 db_owner 고정 데이터베이스 역할의 멤버를 통해서만 BackupInformation 속성을 설정할 수 있습니다.The BackupInformation property can only be set by members of the sysadmin fixed server role or by members of the db_owner fixed database role.

설정 BackupInformation 를 실행 하는 것과 같습니다 sp_addsubscription (Transact SQL)합니다.Setting BackupInformation is equivalent to executing sp_addsubscription (Transact-SQL).

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