BackupRestoreItemKind BackupRestoreItemKind BackupRestoreItemKind Enum


backup 또는 restore database 문에 대한 항목 유형을 지정합니다. Specifies the item types for backup or restore database statement.

public enum class BackupRestoreItemKind
public enum BackupRestoreItemKind
Public Enum BackupRestoreItemKind


FileGroups FileGroups FileGroups 2

FileGroups 유형입니다. The type is FileGroups.

Files Files Files 1

Files 유형입니다. The type is Files.

None None None 0

None 유형입니다. The type is None.

Page Page Page 3

Page 유형입니다. The type is Page.

ReadWriteFileGroups ReadWriteFileGroups ReadWriteFileGroups 4

ReadWriteFileGroups 유형입니다. The type is ReadWriteFileGroups.

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