OffsetClause.FetchExpression OffsetClause.FetchExpression OffsetClause.FetchExpression Property


반환할 행 수에 대한 식을 가져옵니다. Gets the expression for number of rows to return.

 property Microsoft::SqlServer::TransactSql::ScriptDom::ScalarExpression ^ FetchExpression { Microsoft::SqlServer::TransactSql::ScriptDom::ScalarExpression ^ get(); void set(Microsoft::SqlServer::TransactSql::ScriptDom::ScalarExpression ^ value); };
public Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom.ScalarExpression FetchExpression { get; set; }
Public Property FetchExpression As ScalarExpression
속성 값

반환할 행 수에 대한 식입니다. The expression for number of rows to return.

적용 대상