ResourcePoolParameterType ResourcePoolParameterType ResourcePoolParameterType Enum


Specifies the types of parameters used in a CREATE/ALTER RESOURCE POOL statement.

public enum class ResourcePoolParameterType
public enum ResourcePoolParameterType
Public Enum ResourcePoolParameterType


Affinity Affinity Affinity 10

The type is Affinity.

CapCpuPercent CapCpuPercent CapCpuPercent 5

The type is CapCpuPercent.

CapIoPercent CapIoPercent CapIoPercent 9

The type is CaploPercent.

MaxCpuPercent MaxCpuPercent MaxCpuPercent 1

The type is MaxCpuPercent.

MaxIoPercent MaxIoPercent MaxIoPercent 8

The type is MaxloPercent.

MaxIopsPerVolume MaxIopsPerVolume MaxIopsPerVolume 12

The type is MaxIopsPerVolume.

MaxMemoryPercent MaxMemoryPercent MaxMemoryPercent 2

The type is MaxMemoryPercent.

MinCpuPercent MinCpuPercent MinCpuPercent 3

The type is MinCpuPercent.

MinIoPercent MinIoPercent MinIoPercent 7

The type is MinloPercent.

MinIopsPerVolume MinIopsPerVolume MinIopsPerVolume 11

The type is MinIopsPerVolume.

MinMemoryPercent MinMemoryPercent MinMemoryPercent 4

The type is MinMemoryPercent.

TargetMemoryPercent TargetMemoryPercent TargetMemoryPercent 6

The type is TargetMemoryPercent.

Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The type is Unknown.

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