ISignatureHelpBroker Interface


Defines the signature help broker, which is the primary component of the signature help process.

public interface class ISignatureHelpBroker
public interface class ISignatureHelpBroker
__interface ISignatureHelpBroker
public interface ISignatureHelpBroker
type ISignatureHelpBroker = interface
Public Interface ISignatureHelpBroker


The broker is responsible for

handling each signature help session from beginning to end. IntelliSense controllers

request this broker to trigger or dismiss signature help. The broker can also be used by other components to determine the

state of signature help or to trigger the process.


CreateSignatureHelpSession(ITextView, ITrackingPoint, Boolean)

Creates a signature help session without starting it.


Dismisses any active signature help sessions in this broker's ITextView.


Gets the list of all signature help sessions for this broker's ITextView.


Determines whether signature help is active.


Begins the process of signature help at the position of the caret.

TriggerSignatureHelp(ITextView, ITrackingPoint, Boolean)

Starts the process of signature help at the specified point.

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