ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService Interface


Selects and caches ITextStructureNavigator objects based on content type.

public interface class ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService
public interface class ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService
__interface ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService
public interface ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService
type ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService = interface
Public Interface ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService


This is a MEF component part, and should be imported as follows:


        ITextStructureNavigatorSelectorService navigator = null;


CreateTextStructureNavigator(ITextBuffer, IContentType)

Creates a new ITextStructureNavigator for the specified ITextBuffer by using the specified IContentType to select the navigator.


Gets a ITextStructureNavigator for the specified ITextBuffer, either by creating a new one or by using a cached value.

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