ScheduleDefinition ScheduleDefinition ScheduleDefinition Class


Represents a defined schedule.

public ref class ScheduleDefinition : ReportService2005::ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
public class ScheduleDefinition : ReportService2005.ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
Public Class ScheduleDefinition
Inherits ScheduleDefinitionOrReference


Use the ScheduleDefinition class with the Definition property of the Schedule class.

A ScheduleDefinition object is returned as output by the GetExecutionOptions and GetReportHistoryOptions methods and is passed as input to the CreateSchedule, SetExecutionOptions, SetReportHistoryOptions, and SetScheduleProperties methods.


ScheduleDefinition() ScheduleDefinition() ScheduleDefinition()

Initializes a new instance of the ScheduleDefinition class.


EndDate EndDate EndDate

Gets or sets the end date and time of a schedule.

EndDateSpecified EndDateSpecified EndDateSpecified

Indicates whether the EndDate property is set.

Item Item Item

Gets or sets the recurrence pattern of a schedule.

StartDateTime StartDateTime StartDateTime

Gets or sets the start date and time of a schedule.

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