CollectionChangeAction Enum


컬렉션을 변경하는 방법을 지정합니다.Specifies how the collection is changed.

public enum class CollectionChangeAction
public enum CollectionChangeAction
type CollectionChangeAction = 
Public Enum CollectionChangeAction


Add 1

컬렉션에 요소를 추가했음을 지정합니다.Specifies that an element was added to the collection.

Refresh 3

전체 컬렉션이 변경된 것으로 지정합니다.Specifies that the entire collection has changed. 이것은 Clear()처럼 전체 컬렉션을 처리하는 메서드를 사용하면 발생합니다.This is caused by using methods that manipulate the entire collection, such as Clear().

Remove 2

컬렉션에서 요소를 제거했음을 지정합니다.Specifies that an element was removed from the collection.


CollectionChangeEventArgs 클래스는이 열거형을 사용 합니다.The CollectionChangeEventArgs class uses this enumeration.

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