MenuCommandsChangedEventArgs.Command 속성


추가, 제거 또는 변경한 명령을 가져옵니다.Gets the command that was added, removed, or changed.

 property System::ComponentModel::Design::MenuCommand ^ Command { System::ComponentModel::Design::MenuCommand ^ get(); };
public System.ComponentModel.Design.MenuCommand Command { get; }
member this.Command : System.ComponentModel.Design.MenuCommand
Public ReadOnly Property Command As MenuCommand

속성 값

추가, 제거 또는 변경된 MenuCommand입니다.A MenuCommand that was added, removed, or changed.


반환된 값은 null 둘 이상의 명령이 한 번에 변경 된 경우.The returned value can be null if more than one command changed at once.

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