IRevertibleChangeTracking IRevertibleChangeTracking IRevertibleChangeTracking IRevertibleChangeTracking Interface


변경 내용의 롤백을 지원합니다.Provides support for rolling back the changes

public interface class IRevertibleChangeTracking : System::ComponentModel::IChangeTracking
public interface IRevertibleChangeTracking : System.ComponentModel.IChangeTracking
type IRevertibleChangeTracking = interface
    interface IChangeTracking
Public Interface IRevertibleChangeTracking
Implements IChangeTracking


합니다 IRevertibleChangeTracking 확장 IChangeTracking 변경 내용을 롤백에 대 한 지원을 추가 하 여 합니다.The IRevertibleChangeTracking extends IChangeTracking by adding support for rolling back the changes.


AcceptChanges() AcceptChanges() AcceptChanges() AcceptChanges()

수정을 허용하여 개체의 상태를 변경되지 않은 상태로 다시 설정합니다.Resets the object's state to unchanged by accepting the modifications.

(Inherited from IChangeTracking)
RejectChanges() RejectChanges() RejectChanges() RejectChanges()

수정을 거부하여 개체를 변경되지 않은 상태로 다시 설정합니다.Resets the object's state to unchanged by rejecting the modifications.


IsChanged IsChanged IsChanged IsChanged

개체의 변경된 상태를 가져옵니다.Gets the object's changed status.

(Inherited from IChangeTracking)

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