MemberDescriptor.CreateAttributeCollection 메서드


생성자에 전달 된 특성 배열을 사용 하 여 특성의 컬렉션을 만듭니다.Creates a collection of attributes using the array of attributes passed to the constructor.

 virtual System::ComponentModel::AttributeCollection ^ CreateAttributeCollection();
protected virtual System.ComponentModel.AttributeCollection CreateAttributeCollection ();
abstract member CreateAttributeCollection : unit -> System.ComponentModel.AttributeCollection
override this.CreateAttributeCollection : unit -> System.ComponentModel.AttributeCollection
Protected Overridable Function CreateAttributeCollection () As AttributeCollection


AttributeCollection 특성이 들어 있는 새 AttributeArray입니다.A new AttributeCollection that contains the AttributeArray attributes.


이 메서드는이 멤버에 대 한 AttributeCollection 없는 경우 Attributes 속성에서 호출 됩니다.This method is called from the Attributes property when there is no AttributeCollection for this member. AttributeArray에 특성이 없으면 빈 AttributeCollection반환 됩니다.If there are no attributes in the AttributeArray, this will return an empty AttributeCollection.

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