PropertyFilterAttribute.Filter Property


PropertyFilterAttribute .NET Framework 특성.NET Framework attribute에 대한 필터 옵션을 가져옵니다.Gets the filter options for this PropertyFilterAttribute .NET Framework 특성.NET Framework attribute.

 property System::ComponentModel::PropertyFilterOptions Filter { System::ComponentModel::PropertyFilterOptions get(); };
public System.ComponentModel.PropertyFilterOptions Filter { get; }
member this.Filter : System.ComponentModel.PropertyFilterOptions
Public ReadOnly Property Filter As PropertyFilterOptions

Property Value


속성 필터 옵션입니다.The property filter options.


Filter 에 대해 제공 된 대로 동일한 값인를 filter 생성자 인수 때이 PropertyFilterAttribute 만들어졌습니다.The value of Filter is the same value as was provided for the filter constructor argument when this PropertyFilterAttribute was constructed. 설정 다른 방법이 없는는 Filter 값입니다.There is no other means of setting the Filter value.

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