ConfigurationElement.ListErrors(IList) ConfigurationElement.ListErrors(IList) ConfigurationElement.ListErrors(IList) ConfigurationElement.ListErrors(IList) Method


ConfigurationElement 개체와 모든 하위 요소의 잘못된 속성 오류를 전달된 목록에 추가합니다.Adds the invalid-property errors in this ConfigurationElement object, and in all subelements, to the passed list.

 virtual void ListErrors(System::Collections::IList ^ list);
protected virtual void ListErrors (System.Collections.IList list);
abstract member ListErrors : System.Collections.IList -> unit
override this.ListErrors : System.Collections.IList -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub ListErrors (list As IList)

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IList IList IList IList

IList 인터페이스를 구현하는 개체An object that implements the IList interface.

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