DbTransaction.IDbTransaction.Connection 속성


트랜잭션과 연결된 DbConnection 개체를 가져오거나, 트랜잭션이 더 이상 유효하지 않을 경우 null 참조를 가져옵니다.Gets the DbConnection object associated with the transaction, or a null reference if the transaction is no longer valid.

property System::Data::IDbConnection ^ System::Data::IDbTransaction::Connection { System::Data::IDbConnection ^ get(); };
System.Data.IDbConnection? System.Data.IDbTransaction.Connection { get; }
System.Data.IDbConnection System.Data.IDbTransaction.Connection { get; }
member this.System.Data.IDbTransaction.Connection : System.Data.IDbConnection
 ReadOnly Property Connection As IDbConnection Implements IDbTransaction.Connection

속성 값


트랜잭션과 연결된 DbConnection 개체입니다.The DbConnection object associated with the transaction.


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