DataRow.Table DataRow.Table DataRow.Table DataRow.Table Property


이 행에 스키마가 있는 DataTable을 가져옵니다.Gets the DataTable for which this row has a schema.

 property System::Data::DataTable ^ Table { System::Data::DataTable ^ get(); };
public System.Data.DataTable Table { get; }
member this.Table : System.Data.DataTable
Public ReadOnly Property Table As DataTable

속성 값

이 행이 속한 DataTable입니다.The DataTable to which this row belongs.


다음 예제에서는 합니다 Table 의 열 컬렉션에 대 한 참조를 반환 하도록 속성을 DataTable.The following example uses the Table property to return a reference to the columns collection of the DataTable.

private void GetTable(DataRow row)
    // Get the DataTable of a DataRow
    DataTable table = row.Table;

    // Print the DataType of each column in the table.
    foreach(DataColumn column in table.Columns)
Private Sub GetTable(ByVal row As DataRow)
   ' Get the DataTable of a DataRow
   Dim table As DataTable = row.Table

   ' Print the DataType of each column in the table.
   Dim column As DataColumn
   For Each column in table.Columns
End Sub


DataRow 반드시 행의 모든 테이블의 컬렉션에 속하지 않습니다.A DataRow does not necessarily belong to any table's collection of rows. 이 동작이 발생 경우를 DataRow 만든 후에 추가 되지 않은 DataRowCollection합니다.This behavior occurs when the DataRow has been created but not added to the DataRowCollection. 경우는 RowState 속성이 반환 DataRowState.Detached, 행이 컬렉션에 없습니다.If the RowState property returns DataRowState.Detached, the row is not in any collection.

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