OdbcDataReader.Close 메서드


OdbcDataReader 개체를 닫습니다.Closes the OdbcDataReader object.

 override void Close();
 virtual void Close();
public override void Close ();
public void Close ();
override this.Close : unit -> unit
abstract member Close : unit -> unit
override this.Close : unit -> unit
Public Overrides Sub Close ()
Public Sub Close ()



다음 예에서는 OdbcConnection, OdbcCommandOdbcDataReader를 만듭니다.The following example creates an OdbcConnection, an OdbcCommand, and an OdbcDataReader. 이 예제에서는 콘솔에 작성 된 데이터를 읽습니다.The example reads through the data, writing it out to the console. 마지막으로,이 예제에서는 OdbcDataReader를 닫은 다음 OdbcConnection를 닫습니다.Finally, the example closes the OdbcDataReader, and then the OdbcConnection.

private static void ReadData(string connectionString)
    string queryString = "SELECT OrderID, CustomerID FROM Orders";
    using (OracleConnection connection = new OracleConnection(connectionString))
        OracleCommand command = new OracleCommand(queryString, connection);
        OracleDataReader reader;
        reader = command.ExecuteReader();

        // Always call Read before accessing data.
        while (reader.Read())
            Console.WriteLine(reader.GetInt32(0) + ", " + reader.GetString(1));

        // Always call Close when done reading.
Public Sub ReadData(ByVal connectionString As String)
    Dim queryString As String = _
        "SELECT OrderID, CustomerID FROM Orders"

    Using connection As New OracleConnection(connectionString)
        Dim command As New OracleCommand(queryString, connection)

        Dim reader As OracleDataReader
        reader = command.ExecuteReader()

        ' Always call Read before accessing data.
        While reader.Read()
            Console.WriteLine(reader.GetInt32(0) & ", " & reader.GetString(1))
        End While

        ' Always call Close when done reading.
    End Using
End Sub


OdbcDataReader를 사용 하 여 다른 용도로 연결 된 OdbcConnection를 사용 하는 경우 Close 메서드를 명시적으로 호출 해야 합니다.You must explicitly call the Close method when you are finished using the OdbcDataReader to use the associated OdbcConnection for any other purpose.


클래스의 Finalize 메서드에서 연결, DataReader 또는 기타 관리 되는 개체에 대해 Close 또는 Dispose를 호출 하지 마세요.Do not call Close or Dispose on a Connection, a DataReader, or any other managed object in the Finalize method of your class. 종료자에서는 클래스에 직접 속한 관리 되지 않는 리소스만 해제 해야 합니다.In a finalizer, you should only release unmanaged resources that your class owns directly. 클래스에 관리되지 않는 리소스가 없는 경우 클래스 정의에 Finalize 메서드를 포함하지 마세요.If your class does not own any unmanaged resources, do not include a Finalize method in your class definition. 자세한 내용은 가비지 수집을 참조 하세요.For more information, see Garbage Collection.

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