ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty.FindByName(DirectoryContext, String) 메서드


지정된 디렉터리 컨텍스트 및 이름과 일치하는 Active Directory Domain Services 스키마 파티션의 ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty 개체를 가져옵니다.Gets an ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty object in the Active Directory Domain Services schema partition that matches a given directory context and name.

 static System::DirectoryServices::ActiveDirectory::ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty ^ FindByName(System::DirectoryServices::ActiveDirectory::DirectoryContext ^ context, System::String ^ ldapDisplayName);
public static System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty FindByName (System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.DirectoryContext context, string ldapDisplayName);
static member FindByName : System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.DirectoryContext * string -> System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty
Public Shared Function FindByName (context As DirectoryContext, ldapDisplayName As String) As ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty

매개 변수


검색에 대한 컨텍스트를 지정하는 DirectoryContext 개체입니다.A DirectoryContext object that specifies the context for the search.


검색할 스키마 속성의 LDAP 표시 이름을 지정하는 String입니다.A String that specifies the LDAP display name of the schema property to search for.


찾은 스키마 속성에 대한 ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty 개체입니다.An ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty object for the schema property that is found. 속성을 찾을 수 없으면 null입니다.null if the property is not found.


개체를 찾을 수 없습니다.The object was not found.

context가 유효한 Forest 또는 ConfigurationSet을 참조하지 않거나 ldapDisplayName 매개 변수가 빈 문자열인 경우context does not refer to a valid Forest or ConfigurationSet, or ldapDisplayName parameter is an empty string.

context 또는 ldapDisplayNamenull인 경우context or ldapDisplayName is null.

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