DirectoryServicesPermissionEntryCollection.IndexOf(DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry) 메서드


이 컬렉션에서 맨 처음 발견되는 지정된 DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry 개체의 인덱스를 반환합니다.Returns the index of the first occurrence of the specified DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry object in this collection.

 int IndexOf(System::DirectoryServices::DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry ^ value);
public int IndexOf (System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry value);
member this.IndexOf : System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry -> int
Public Function IndexOf (value As DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry) As Integer

매개 변수


이 컬렉션에서 검색할 DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry 개체입니다.The DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry object to search for in this collection.


일치하는 첫 번째 개체의 0부터 시작하는 인덱스입니다.The zero-based index of the first matching object. 이 컬렉션의 멤버 중 DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry 개체와 동일한 멤버가 없으면 -1을 반환합니다.Returns -1 if no member of this collection is identical to the DirectoryServicesPermissionEntry object.

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