Graphics.Dispose 메서드


Graphics에서 사용하는 리소스를 모두 해제합니다.Releases all resources used by this Graphics.

 virtual void Dispose();
public void Dispose ();
abstract member Dispose : unit -> unit
override this.Dispose : unit -> unit
Public Sub Dispose ()



다음 코드 예제는 Windows Forms와 함께 사용 하도록 설계 되었으며 PaintEventArgs e 이벤트 처리기의 매개 변수인가 필요 합니다 Paint .The following code example is designed for use with Windows Forms, and it requires PaintEventArgse, which is a parameter of the Paint event handler. 코드는 다음 작업을 수행합니다.The code performs the following actions:

  • Image예제 디렉터리에 SampImag.jpg 그래픽 파일에서를 만듭니다.Creates an Image from a graphics file SampImag.jpg in the example directory.

  • 에서를 만듭니다 Graphics Image .Creates a Graphics from the Image.

  • 사각형 안에 사각형을 채워서 이미지를 변경 합니다.Alters the image by filling a rectangle within it.

  • Image 화면에 그립니다.Draws the Image to the screen.

  • 만든을 해제 합니다 Graphics .Releases the created Graphics.

   void FromImageImage1( PaintEventArgs^ e )
      // Create image.
      Image^ imageFile = Image::FromFile( "SampImag.jpg" );

      // Create graphics object for alteration.
      Graphics^ newGraphics = Graphics::FromImage( imageFile );

      // Alter image.
      newGraphics->FillRectangle( gcnew SolidBrush( Color::Black ), 100, 50, 100, 100 );

      // Draw image to screen.
      e->Graphics->DrawImage( imageFile, PointF(0.0F,0.0F) );

      // Release graphics object.
      delete newGraphics;
private void FromImageImage1(PaintEventArgs e)
    // Create image.
    Image imageFile = Image.FromFile("SampImag.jpg");
    // Create graphics object for alteration.
    Graphics newGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(imageFile);
    // Alter image.
    newGraphics.FillRectangle(new SolidBrush(Color.Black), 100, 50, 100, 100);
    // Draw image to screen.
    e.Graphics.DrawImage(imageFile, new PointF(0.0F, 0.0F));
    // Release graphics object.
Private Sub FromImageImage1(ByVal e As PaintEventArgs)

    ' Create image.
    Dim imageFile As Image = Image.FromFile("SampImag.jpg")

    ' Create graphics object for alteration.
    Dim newGraphics As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(imageFile)

    ' Alter image.
    newGraphics.FillRectangle(New SolidBrush(Color.Black), 100, _
    50, 100, 100)

    ' Draw image to screen.
    e.Graphics.DrawImage(imageFile, New PointF(0.0F, 0.0F))

    ' Dispose of graphics object.
End Sub


Dispose을 호출 하면이에서 사용 하는 리소스를 Graphics 다른 용도로 다시 할당할 수 있습니다.Calling Dispose allows the resources used by this Graphics to be reallocated for other purposes.

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